Create a 24/7 AI helper on your website: Tiptap is conversational AI agent that sits seamlessly alongside your content, allowing your users to ask contextual questions, explore your wider knowledge base, and be signposted to meaningful outcomes.

It can be tailored to hundreds of pages of information on your products and services, and will always stay on-topic and safe. Let it be your first-line customer support, sales assistant, membership guide, or whatever else you need.

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Designed for and used by SMEs, Charities, NGOs and public bodies, we ensure our AIs are safe, private and tailored to help you reach your users in the most convenient way possible. GDPR-conforming, EU data centres, secure and W3C-AA-compliant.

  • 🔮 Domain-specific knowledge: able to hold hundreds of pages of knowledge, including PDFs, DOCs, and refreshable online sources, catering to every potential question.

  • 🧠 Constantly updated AI models like Claude Opus, GPT-4o, Llama 3, plus our own algorithms to maintain the highest quality responses without sacrificing safety or speed.

  • 🍿 Beyond chat, allowing users to submit forms, contact you via email, fill out surveys, and a bunch of other things, all without the friction of having to leave the chat.

  • ✅ Safety-First. Includes anti-harm measures to prevent misuse or bad content being surfaced to users. You can configure highly specific content filters and guardrails too.

A fully featured dashboard lets you configure knowledge, behaviours, personality and safety guardrails for your AI. You can upload documents or set website URLs for the AI to keep its knowledge fresh. You also have access to rich analytics to observe usage.

Multiple themes & personalities: whatever you need.

  • is a real world example where disabled people in the UK are provided guidance. It has been configured and built with safety and accuracy in mind.

Or try embedding it on your website right now:
<script src=""></script> <script>tiptap("DEMO");</script>

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Monthly Price:
Latest Models:
Expert Knowledge Guardrails:
Expert Safety Guardrails:
3 AI Chatbots
3 AI Chatbots
10 AI Chatbots
Analytics:Conversations over time, average message length, etc.
URL Watcher:(per bot) This is how many web URLs each bot can keep track of and update its knowledge-base with periodically.
0 URLs
3 URLs
20 URLs
Knowledge Base:(per bot) This is how large the knowledge base can be that the AI will use to build its responses.
100kb (20k words)
1MB (200k words)
10MB (2 Million words)
Messages:The number of individual messages your AIs can send, in aggregate, per month, to your users. FYI: Typical conversations might include 3-10 messages.
Zero public messages
500 Messages per month
3000 Messages per month
Advanced Analytics:Sentiment and satisfaction metrics, plus other insights.
Priority Support:Responses within 12 hours guaranteed.

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